Issue: March 2015
  Union Budget -2015-16: A growth Oriented Budgt
N.R. Bhanumurthy & H K Amar Nath
  The second lead article by N.R. Bhanumurthy and H.K. Amar Nath assess the impact of three crucial issues which the government had to face while prepar...
  Transforming India into a Global Manufacturing Hub
Amitabh Kant
  The highlight of the issue is the article by Amitabh Kant, Secretary, DIPP on ' Make in India' policy of the government of India. The article brings...
  Shifting Accountability? Reading the Budget from Women's Perspecte
Neetha N
  This article focuses on issues of gender budgeting and explains the provisions in the budget for achieving gender equity. The article explains in det...
  True to the Spirit oFederalism
Pravakar Sahoo
  This article by Pravakar Sahoo is the special article in the issue. It discusses in great detail the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission a...
  National Skill DevelopmenProgram: The way ahead
Swadesh Singh
  The National Skill Development Program has been made the Focus article of the issue, being a key flag ship programme of the government of India. The ...
Union Budget 2015-16  

The much awaited first full budget of the present government finally arrived amidst considerable speculations. However instead of expected popular announcements, the budget proposed a number of small, but effective steps to promote investment and growth. The Finance Minister tried to address some fundamental issues with the aim of achieving long term sustainable growth with GDP above 8 percent and making India the ...


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Budget 2015-16: Impact on Growth, Employment and Welfare
D.K. Srivastava

The lead article by D.K. Srivastava details the provisions of the budget which will help in stimulating growth leading to increased employment promoting policy initiatives besides touching on welfare issues. The article gives the short and long term targets of the budget in achieving the 8.8.5 per cent growth. It also talks about the 11 objectives set in the budget towards achieving its welfare goals. It says that the main players in the economic scenario are the central and state governments which together can be referred to as 'Team India' and stresses that India's growth story can bear fruit only as a joint effort of all these stake holders. It concludes by saying that the budget initiatives of the government would go a long way in increasing education and employment opportunities particularly for the poorer sections of society ...


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