Issue: SEPTEMBER 2016
  Women's Empowerment in the Indian Context by Kamla Bhasin
  The lead article gives an all over picture of the status of women in India and suggests a way forward towards their empowerment.
  Empowerment of Women: Government Perspective by Leena Nair
  The second lead article is by Leena Nair, Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development, govt of India.
  Women's Economic Empowerment by Ela Bhat
  This article by the founder of SEWA, pleads that women, specially poor women, should be put in the centre of any economic reform specially in key basic employment sectors.
   Women's Multiple Roles: The Need for Social Infrastructure by Devaki Jain
  The focus article of the issue deals with social empowerment of women in Indian society.

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women


There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women” other statement could have described the abilities of women more aptly. There is not much that women have not achieved – either in the traditional or in more modern roles. As mothers, they have been bearing the responsibility of carrying, giving birth and rearing the future citizens of the world with elan ever since time immemorial. As daughters, sisters, and wives they have supported to man in various ways. In the more modern roles they have been educators, managers, political leaders, et al. They have even dared to break the gender barriers of late, and become mountaineers, pilots, also seen in the armed forces in combat roles. ...


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Adverse Child Sex Ratio: A 'Mindset' Issue by Mary E. John "

The author talks about the gender imbalance that exists in Indian society which prompts female infanticide, female feoticide and gender injustice in families and society as a whole. She calls for a campaign approach to create awareness about the consequences of their actions as regards sex selection. She calls for changing not only the mindset but also changing the conditions that creates such a mindset. ...


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