Issue: JULY 2016
  Creating Water Abundance Through Conservation and Judicious Use by Indira Khurana
  The second lead article discusses the short and long term measures that need to be taken towards water abundance. It calls for creating assets like water banks,
  Interlinking of Rivers and Efficient Water Management by R.K. Sivanappan.
  The special article of the issue is on inter linking of rivers to facilitate efficient water management. The article details the importance
  Water Scarcity and Public Investment in Irrigation by Seema Bathla
  This article explains the needs for increasing investment in both major and minor irrigation projects as also adopt new
  Rejuvenating and Cleaning the Ganga: Past Efforts and Future Plans
  The focus article of the issue explains in great detail the various measures and projects of the government of India towards cleaning the Ganga.
  Flood Management: Need for Storage Dams by M.S. Menon
  The article stresses that there are no universal solutions which can provide complete protection against floods.
Water: Driving Force of Nature  

Ancient Indians knew the indispensability of water for life on earth. According to ancient beliefs, the universe comprised of five basic elements: kshiti (earth), apah (water), teja (light/heat), marut (air) and vyoma (ether/space). As per the Rig Veda, all life evolved from water (apah). Pure water was called divyajal due to its properties of sheetam (cold to touch), suchihi (clean), shivam (replete with useful mi...


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Role of Water Resources Management in Economic Development by Sachhidananda Mukherjee

The lead article of the issue discusses the role played by water - whether as drought or floods - in the economic development of the nation. The article stresses the importance of water resources management in the development of the nation and calls for investment in water infrastructure, better crop choices and diversification of livelihood basket, better management of natural drainage channels, etc to ensure that water related problems do not impact the economy too much. ...


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