Issue: MAY 2016
  Skilling the Differently Abled by Shanti Raghavan
  The author details in the current scenario in the area of employment and skilling for the differently abled .
  Financial Inclusion of the Differently Abled by P.C. Das
  This article talks about the different schemes and programmes available for financial inclusion of the differently abled.
  Accesibility Beyond Disability and Welfare by Shivani Gupta
  The article explains the concept of accessibility from the prespective of the differently abled and the importance of accessibility
  Social Inclusion for the Differently-Abled: Issues and Strategies by Sandhya Limaye
  The article discusses the trials and tribulations of the differently abled in attaining social acceptablity
Differently Abled  

Albert EINSTEIN had learning impairments. Yet, he developed Theory of Relativity which greatly affected the way people view and understand the world today. Thomas Alva Edison had hearing impairment, but his invention Electricity is more responsible than anything else for creating the modern world we live in. Louis Braille was visually impaired, but his creation Braille, known by his name, enabled blind people w...


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Differently- Abled: Scaling up Educational Rights and Opportunities by Indumathi Rao

The special article stresses the importance of inclusive education for the differently abled to help them integrate into the mainstream of development. The author argues that mere commitment is not sufficient to ensure that the differently abled have access to disability friendly, barrier free learning environment. There is need for clarity on concepts on what constitutes inclusive education for the differently abled which has to be reflected in the political vision and policies of the government. ...


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