Issue: SEPTEMBER 2016
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When India attained Independence, most of the country did not have sufficient electricity to light up its homes. The iconic lantern and the oil lamp wer...
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The lead article of the issue discusses the role played by water - whether as drought or floods - in the economic development of the nation. The article stresses the importance of water resources management in the development of the nation and calls for investment in water infrastructure, better cr...

  Women's Empowerment in the Indian Context by Kamla Bhasin
  The lead article gives an all over picture of the status of women in India and suggests a way forward towards their empowerment.
  Empowerment of Women: Government Perspective by Leena Nair
  The second lead article is by Leena Nair, Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development, govt of India.
  Women's Economic Empowerment by Ela Bhat
  This article by the founder of SEWA, pleads that women, specially poor women, should be put in the centre of any economic reform specially in key basic employment sectors.
   Women's Multiple Roles: The Need for Social Infrastructure by Devaki Jain
  The focus article of the issue deals with social empowerment of women in Indian society.
Economic Paradigms and Democracy in the Age of Financial Globalization
Srinivas Raghavendra

Whether or not there exists a standard definition of the term Globalization, there is a broad agreement with the fact that the process of Globalization has had and continues to have profound impact on various aspects of human life. Globalization is not a new phenomenon for it has been a long-term gradual process of change, which affects every aspect of human life and being affected by the human enterprise, since the days of Columbus, and yet at the same time it is irregularly punctuated by episodes of dramatic change. Ever since the Columbian voyage initiated the process of intermingling of the continents of Europe and the Americas, Globalization has been influencing and reshaping every part of the world in all aspects of human life – social, cultural, economic, political, biological and ecological aspects. In the recent past, there were two intense periods where the process of globalization induced dramatic changes across the world. The first wave happened in the late nineteenth century up to the First World War, which was characterized by extensive trade networks across various continents under European Colonialism. The second wave happened in the twentieth century, starting from the 1980s to the present day, characterized as free market Capitalism led by the phenomenal development of the financial markets, and called as the financialization phase of Globalization or simply Financial Globalization.

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