Issue: April 2015
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Manufacturing industry is of significant importance to the development of any economy. Developing countries like India largely depend on manufacturing i...
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The article categorically states that inadequate growth in manufacturing sector has had an adverse impact on employment generation in India. It discusses various issues facing the manufacturing sector like link between enterprise size and its competitiveness in the global market; role of MSMEs in o...

  Manufacturing Led Growth, Competition and Challenges
Arup Mitra
  The article discusses the factors crucial to growth of the manufacturing sector like trade-openess, FDI inflows, reforms in labour market regulations...
  Need for Sustainability and Innovations in Indian Manufacturing
Balkrishna C. Rao
  This article stresses the need for Indian manufacturing sector to undertake indigenous research and development to align manufacturing with sustainabl...
  Dynamics of International and Domestic Oil Pricing
Hiranmoy Roy, Anil Kumar and Vijay Shekhawat
  This article discusses the determinants to oil pricing both international and domestic. It gives information about the various factors that are taken...
  The special article for the issue is ' Legal Aid In India and Role of National Legal Services Authority(NALSA)
Manoj Kumar Sinha
  The article highlights the fact that right to legal aid is essential to ensuring effective access to justice and the Indian constitution has enshrined...
  Union Budget -2015-16: A growth Oriented Budgt
N.R. Bhanumurthy & H K Amar Nath
  The second lead article by N.R. Bhanumurthy and H.K. Amar Nath assess the impact of three crucial issues which the government had to face while prepar...
Economic Paradigms and Democracy in the Age of Financial Globalization
Srinivas Raghavendra

Whether or not there exists a standard definition of the term Globalization, there is a broad agreement with the fact that the process of Globalization has had and continues to have profound impact on various aspects of human life. Globalization is not a new phenomenon for it has been a long-term gradual process of change, which affects every aspect of human life and being affected by the human enterprise, since the days of Columbus, and yet at the same time it is irregularly punctuated by episodes of dramatic change. Ever since the Columbian voyage initiated the process of intermingling of the continents of Europe and the Americas, Globalization has been influencing and reshaping every part of the world in all aspects of human life social, cultural, economic, political, biological and ecological aspects. In the recent past, there were two intense periods where the process of globalization induced dramatic changes across the world. The first wave happened in the late nineteenth century up to the First World War, which was characterized by extensive trade networks across various continents under European Colonialism. The second wave happened in the twentieth century, starting from the 1980s to the present day, characterized as free market Capitalism led by the phenomenal development of the financial markets, and called as the financialization phase of Globalization or simply Financial Globalization.

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